Wait and Load Skips

Restricted area skip hire for speedy waste disposal

At Skip Express, we know that it is not always practical for you to have a skip on-site for long stretches of time. We offer a special ‘wait and load’ skip hire service that allows you to dispose of your waste in a short span of time, ideal in a restricted area or if you have tight time constraints.

If you have been refused an on-road skip permit from the council, then our Wait and Load service could be for you. Our wait and load skip hire service is ideal for rapid waste disposal in restrictive areas such as city centres. It is also suitable for anyone who needs to dispose of larger amounts of waste in a short timeframe.

Why Choose Us?

  • Spend less
  • Maximise your time
  • Recycle more

Wait and Load skip hire service

The wait and load skips service from Skip Express is simple. Our skip hire lorry will drop a skip at your premises on a day that is convenient for you. You can then fill the skip with your waste, and we’ll take it away within 30 to 60 minutes depending on the area. In some cases, we can also help you to fill your skip.

Skip Express can supply a competitive wait and load service for anywhere in the UK. Like our standard skip hire services, the wait and load service can also be ordered for same or guaranteed next day delivery.

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